In-Flight Comfort for Economy Passengers

Independent Customer Review, May 9, 2015


“First of all, I want to clarify that I’m not being paid to review the RePoser; I bought it because it intrigued me and, after several long-hours trips in airplanes, I wanted something to make those economy class flights more comfortable.

I was not 100% sure the RePoser would deliver, but I was wrong.  I like reading when I fly, but I have to keep stopping every few minutes to rest my arms.  The other option is to rest my hands (holding the iPad or book) on my lap, but that forces me to look down and, eventually, my neck feels the strain.  With the RePoser, I didn’t have to do any of that, I could just rest my forearms on it and read comfortably indefinitely.

It was also great to watch movies from the small screens in the back of the seat in front of me, or to nap.  Even the hostess was impressed; and some other lady who saw me using it on the flight back home.  And I can guarantee that you can actually lower the little folding table for when they bring you food or drinks, without having to remove the RePoser.”


–  Roberto I.  Albandoz-Carrasquillo,  State College, Pennsylvania


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What is the Reposer?

Economy-Class Airplane Seats are not Comfortable

Frequent flyers accumulate a lot of stress on their bodies by spending long hours in uncomfortable seats. Sleeping in these cramped seats encourages bad posture which aggravates pain and discomfort.  The RePoser makes the experience of flying a lot more pleasant by supporting the weight of your arms while you fly.  Without the RePoser, the weight of your arms builds strain in your neck and back and puts pressure on your breathing.  With a RePoser, all the weight of your arms is transferred to the airplane seat, allowing you to rest in a comfortably upright position with your head neutrally balanced over your shoulders.  Sit back and enjoy the flight with your RePoser!


Where is RePoser, Inc. based?
The RePoser is manufactured and based in Raleigh, North Carolina
How can I get a RePoser?
Click on the "buy now" tab, and place your order in the square market. Standard shipping 2-3 day delivery
Does the RePoser fit all the guidelines provided by the FAA and TSA for items approved for carry-on?
Yes, the RePoser is carefully designed to fit the guidelines provided by these agencies, including all rounded, soft edges, soft textured feel, and rubber feet. All prototypes during development were visually inspected by TSA agents and it has been used in over 100 flights
Will the RePoser work on all seats?
The RePoser works in any economy seat with normal side armrests.
What if my seat doesn't have any armrests?
The RePoser comes with a backup "lap-strap" which allows you to use the RePoser by balancing it on your lap.
Will the RePoser stay in place or will it slip around or fall in my neighbor’s lap?
The RePoser is designed with precise notches that have a rubbery-grip surface that make it stay incredibly stable and right where you want it.
Can I still lower my food tray when the flight attendants bring refreshments?
Yes! The RePoser does not get in the way of the tray table at all. You can rest your arms on the RePoser and enjoy your food and drinks at the same time.
When should I use the RePoser?
Once the plane is at a cruising altitude.
Will my RePoser bother my neighbor?
No! Your neighbor will love it, because it allows them to use the side armrests and creates more space for them.
Will it be a hassle if my neighbor needs to get up and go to the bathroom?
Not at all. Unlike other products that must be deflated or disassembled, the RePoser is simple to lift out of place, fold up, and tuck away.
Does the RePoser attach to the seat or does it just sit on top?
It sits on the side armrests with no attachment. It stays because of its grippy rubber feet and the weight of your arms.
Can I talk to a representative before I purchase a RePoser?
Of course! Please contact RePoser by phone (919)995-5489, or email

Special introductory 15% rebate offer!

The RePoser is now available with a 15% rebate offer!  To qualify for a rebate, just take a picture of yourself using your RePoser in an airplane seat, and email it to our social media coordinator,,  and we will put your picture on the selfie wall on the RePoser facebook page!  Within 5 days you will receive a $15 gift card in the mail.

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Elbows Rest

Whether you’re holding a conference call in your hotel room, typing on your laptop in a coffee shop, or sitting in your airplane seat with your RePoser, resting your elbows on a comfortable surface can make all the difference.  Designed for the business traveler, the ElbowsRest arm pillow is compact (9.5” x 4” x 1”) and lightweight (less than 3 ounces)for easy packing, yet it is incredibly comfortable and versatile.  Made of ultra-comfortable minky fabric on the exterior, with a layer of closed-cell  foam and a layer of shaggy felt on the interior to give it a soft padded feel, the ElbowsRest arm pillow  makes any place a comfortable place to work or travel.  It can be used in the open position for typing, talking, or reading, or it can be folded and tucked for mousing.